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Special Class with Greg Tavares: Playing Objective

6 Class Meetings and one class recital. Cost is $175 (MUST PAY IN ADVANCE TO HOLD A SPOT)

I give this note over and over in class -- what your character is feeling is more important than what they are thinking. But, how do you get to those feelings? How do you play those feelings honestly? How do you heighten those feelings in a way that is fun to watch? You play an objective. This is straight up acting technique, folk. Your character wants something and they are going to do stuff to get what they want. That is what I call "playing an objective," and this is what I am doing every time I improvise. It helps me encounter my character's emotional life and see the world through my characters eyes. During this class we will learn how to play with objective and how getting and not getting what we want creates emotional power in the scene.


Instructor: Greg Tavares

Greg started The Have Nots! with Brandy and some other friends in 1995.  He co-founded Theatre 99 with Brandy and Timmy in 2000 and has been improvising since 1985.  He wrote the curriculum taught in Theatre 99's training program and gets as much out of teaching as he does from being on stage.  He has a BFA in acting from USC and an MFA in directing from the Univ. of Nebraska, but still has nightmares that he never finished high school.  When he is not acting or directing he is hanging out with his best friend and wife Sara.


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