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Andy Adkins

Andy Adkins grew up in Mount Pleasant, SC and has studied at the University of Miami and College of Charleston.  He enjoys music, theatre, nature, and comedy.  He likes cats and is good at Jeopardy. In 2010 he joined the Theatre 99 company, and is thrilled to be a part of it!


John Brennan

John Brennan first started taking improv classes in 2003. He was fortunate enough to be asked to join the house team Fishing with Dynamite and the improv Tour company The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Touring Comany.  He has co-founded a sketch comedy group The Bottom Line, that created a dozen different shows and lasted 3 years.  Currently he is part of Big Dicktionary, a 2 person improv show, performed with Timmy Finch of The Have Nots!  He also is touring his one man show The Banana Manologues, a story about his ex-girlfriend.  He also loves animals.



Jason Groce

Jason moved to Charleston in 2001 and upon seeing a Have Nots! show, was instantly amazed and in love. Two years later, he found out others could actually perform with Theatre 99.  Two years after that in 2005, he grew a pair and took the classes with a friend and has been performing ever since. He loves improv like Neckprov and Cats Hugging Cats. He also loves to write and perform sketch comedy and started Foxhole Feng Shui, to the delight of a handful. He enjoys flirting and laughing and is a killer graphic designer and can throw a grown man out of a bar with his bare hands.


Tommy Hutchins

Tommy is an improviser who has studied at Theatre 99 since early 2008.  He uses his background in math and science to approach performing, as well as life, with an analytical mind.  In his free time, he enjoys watching Bill Murray movies and listening to sports talk radio.   


Eric Jeffers

Eric Jeffers studied dance at the North Carolina School of the Arts and the School of American Ballet, and performed as a dancer in The Houston Ballet and the modern dance company MOMIX. He studied improv at Second City Chicago, I.O. Chicago and The Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. While in Chicago, Eric studied Clown with Adrain Danzig and Molly Brennan. Most recently, Eric was for 6 years a member of Cirque du Soleil, performing in 3 separate shows with them.


Dru Johnston

Dru Johnston has been performing improv at the UCB in New York for 8 years, and has been teaching there since 2013. He currently performs every Saturday night with the team Grandma's Ashes, and his team Fuck That Shit (A Comedy Team) is the current Cagematch champion. He is also works for the Chris Gethard Show and has written for MTV, Comedy Central, Funny or Die and Slate dot com. He is the recipient of the 10th annual Andy Kaufman award.


Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald is a Canadian actor, voice actor and comedian. He is known as a member of The Kids in the Hall, the voice of Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, Waffle in Catscratch, Pastor Dave in That 70s Show, and the Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim. Kevin also stars as a co-pilot in the new web comedy series Papillon.


Lee Lewis

Lee Lewis has been performing with Theatre 99 since 2000 and is a proud member of two of the longest running Wednesday night shows on the Theatre 99 schedule.  He is a member of Moral Fixation (along with Greg Tavares) and of the musical improv phenomenon Doppelganger (with Jason Cooper). He also performs regularly at Theatre 99 and frequently is invited to perform with Theatre 99's flagship show The Have Nots!  Lee did his theatrical training at Wofford College and was the resident actor for The Charleston Stage Company form 2001-2002.  When not performing he is a psychiatrist at MUSC, a husband to Amy, and a father to Charlie and Grace.

During his tenure with Theatre 99 Lee has performed in such improv acts as: Fishing with Dynamite, The Weeds, Cage Match, The Pinata, May I Take Your Order?, Improv Bingo and has been a past Improv Smackdown champion!  He also has performed in Theatre 99 productions of Fuddy Meers, The Harry and Sam Dialogues, and Brilliant Traces.


Andy Livengood

Andy Livengood's first performance at Theatre 99 was two runs of HOBO the Musical. Soon after this he graduated from the Theatre 99 improv training program.  He is a performer in Cats Hugging Cats.  He is the stage manager for The Banana Monologues and Foxhole Feng Shui and has stage-managed the plays, Eurydice and Horse Tranqs and Carriage People both for PURE Theatre. Andy was a cast member and writer in the sketch comedy troupe Maximum Brain Squad and has appeared with Wackytown, Cabaret Kiki, This is Chucktown, 3 Blind Mice, and 365 Days, 365 Plays at PURE Theatre. When he is not performing, Andy often works the lights and sound for other shows at Theatre 99.


Jessica Mickey

Jessica has been performing in various shows with Theatre 99 since 2002. She is a founding member of Mary Kay has a Posse, The Weeds, and Fishing with Dynamite, as well as the now defunct 4-Play. She also co-created, co-wrote and performed "Men are from Goose Creek, Women are from Savannah" and wrote and performed with the sketch comedy group The Bottom Line. Jessica has co-hosted morning radio shows on 96Wave and 98X, as well as wrote the weekly column "The Chase is On" for the Charleston City Paper. She regularly performs improv on Friday and Saturday nights at Theatre 99 and stand-up comedy in various venues around Charleston. Her most recent project is the two-person improvised show Little Miss Codependent with Brandy Sullivan.


Jenny Pringle

After getting a bachelor's degree at UGA, Jenny moved to New York City to train at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Quickly realizing that acting students take themselves WAY too seriously, Jenny headed out to Cali and discovered a new found love for improv while training at The Groundlings theatre in LA for three years. After a year stint in Atlanta at The Whole World Theatre, an improv hot spot in Atlanta, Jenny moved back to her hometown of Charleston and was more than thrilled to meet The Have Nots!. 


She has been a Theatre 99 company member for  seven years performing in such shows as Smackdown, Improv Riot, and several Blast Offs.  Jenny is so happy to be part of a theater that has become a prominent landmark on the map for hilarious improv comedy!


Henry Riggs

A native son of Charleston, Henry started working at Theatre 99 in 2003 taking tickets and saving The Bottom Line sketch comedy shows from disastrous prop malfunctions. He started improvising with the company in 2004.  The first show he directed and co-wrote with John Brennan and Chris Gingrich was called HOBO: The Musical. HOBO quickly garnered a cult following like status and was voted "Best non-Piccolo performance" of 2006 by the readers of The Charleston City Paper.


Henry spent 6 years in Chicago, IL studying comedy, theatre, and music.  As founding member of The New Colony theatre company, he helped devise and create new theatrical works using improvisation to create their scripts.  The show That Sordid Little Story earned Henry and his co-writers a Non-Equity Jeff Award for "Best Incidental Music in 2011". Music can be found here:


Throughout his time in Chicago, Henry studied at various comedy training centers such as The Annoyance Theatre, iO Chicago, and The Second City.  His most recent project, Hideous Love Mutants co-written by Maari Suorsa and John Brennan, was the first musical to run at the brand new Annoyance Theatre in 2014.  Henry has played on 4 house teams at iO Chicago, 2 ensemble revues with The Second City training center, and most importantly with the legendary independent improv team Gentleman's Falcon- caww!


Other notable Theatre 99 groups from days past include:  Maximum Brain Squad, The Sofa Kings, Affirmative Action Jackson, The Measled Knights Sketch Comedy, Ebony and Ivory, Bear Trap, and Cabaret Kiki.  He is also a regular performer in the Friday and Saturday night shows at Theatre 99 as well as Nameless Numberhead, The Great Prison Break, and many more!


For more info, visit


David Roach

David Roach has been a member of Theater 99 since it's founding in 2000.  David enjoys the constantly fresh challenge of creating dynamic, entertaining improv scenes.  David has done a number of shows as part of The Have Nots! Touring Company, and he frequently performs with groups such as Fishing with Dynamite, Neckprov, My Favorite Cult, and Outside Looking In, as well as in Improv Riot and Improv Smackdown.  David began exploring stand up comedy in January of 2008, and is a regularly featured stand up performer as part of This Is Chucktown.   David is known for busting up folding chairs and throwing out very specific and obscure references. He also lifts heavy things.


Tim Stolenberg

Tim Stoltenberg (AEA/SAG/AFTRA) currently resides in Los Angeles, but is originally from Wisconsin. After graduating from St. Norbert College in 2001 Tim went to tour with The Academy Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta Tim worked with The Center for Puppetry Arts, The Alliance, Laughing Matters, Agatha’s Dinner Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre, Jewish Theatre of the South, and Dad’s Garage Theatre. At Dad’s Garage Tim was the Improv Director for 4 years where we helped to create original plays, improv formats, teach improv classes and Corporate Training workshops.
In 2009 Tim moved to Chicago where he toured with The Second City and did other co-productions with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and The Goodman Theatre. In Chicago Tim taught improv at Second City and performed with The Improvised Shakespeare Company and numerous improv groups at the iO Theatre. Tim was seen on such shows as: Sirens, Chicago Fire, and The Onion (web series.) Tim was also seen in commercials for AT&T, T-Mobile, and the Ohio Lottery.
Tim moved to Los Angeles where he continues to perform and teach at The Second City, as well as teaching a commercial improv workshop with Lawless Casting. Tim has been seen in commercials for Southwest Airlines, Comcast, and Dollar Shave Club. Tim continues to travel performing improv, storytelling, and stand up.

Brandy Sullivan

As a founder of The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Company (1995) and Theatre 99 (2000), Brandy has performed in over 1,600 Have Nots! shows with Greg and Timmy in 26 states and is a Co-Producer of Piccolo Fringe and The Charleston Comedy Festival.

She is a proud member of Mary Kay Has a Posse, Neckprov, Full Love Throttle, Hot Pants, Little Miss Codependent, Shattering Pearls and loves performing with all of the T99 ensemble members every week.

She received a B.A. in Theatre and Speech from The University of South Carolina and is Theatre 99’s Co-Artistic Director.

She is happily married to Sean, the cute guy in the booth.


Greg Tavares

Greg started The Have Nots! with Brandy and some other friends in 1995.  He co-founded Theatre 99 with Brandy and Timmy in 2000 and has been improvising since 1985.  He wrote the curriculum taught in Theatre 99's training program and gets as much out of teaching as he does from being on stage.  He has a BFA in acting from USC and an MFA in directing from the Univ. of Nebraska, but still has nightmares that he never finished high school.  When he is not acting or directing he is hanging out with his best friend and wife Sara.


Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas is a writer-director-performer and one half of the award-winning comedy duo the Defiant Thomas Brothers.  He currently teaches in the Advanced Improv program at the Second City Training Center in Chicago. As a solo artist he has performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, the New York Sketch Comedy Festival, SketchfestNYC, Just For Laughs Chicago, the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Paul is also a commercial and short film director. Feel free to lose an afternoon on his website .


Seth Thomas

 Seth is Awesome!


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Instructor: Andy Livengood

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Sketch Writing with Kevin McDonald

Sat, May 6 (10am-5:30pm)

Yes, that Kevin McDonald - from The Kids in the Hall. Cost is $180

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