Reviews & Press

"The best 99 seats I've ever played."

-the late Spalding Gray

"Shows at Theatre 99 are improv parties where audience members laugh until it hurts!" Read More >>

-Editorial Staff

The Charleston City Paper

"The proof is in the pudding at Theatre 99. Over the last 15 years, the theater has become the comedy cornerstone of the local arts scene." Read More >>

-Jason A. Zwiker

The Charleston City Paper

Audience Feedback

"Theatre 99 is THE best hot spot in Charleston! They are unbelievably funny and make every show memorable."

-Megan Gallagher

"T99 has the funniest two hours money can buy."

-Paul Van Slett

"Theatre 99 is the only thing worth hiring a babysitter for.""

-Dayton Colie

"Theatre 99 supplies its guests with a night of originality you can't find anywhere else. You will never leave unsatisfied. I mean that. They will satisfy you."

-Bill Sandvig