Homegrown Stand Up
Dusty Slay's Homegrown Stand-Up Showcase

Dusty Slay's Homegrown Stand Up Showcase features the funniest stand up comics working in Charleston today. These performers have made a name for themselves in the local area and want to put their skills on display for you. Each show will contain a new cast of comics so that you are always sure to get fresh faces and new material. For information on the line up of each individual show please visit dustyslay.com.


Your host Dusty Slay has been performing for 8 years as a stand up comic and is a Theatre 99 company member. He is the winner of both the 2011 and the 2012 Charleston Comedy Festival's Stand Up Competition and was voted Best Local Comic of 2013 by the readers of the Charleston City Paper. 


Please come on out and see the show and keep up with Dusty on Twitter @dustyslay.


Featured Performers

Dusty Slay