Laugh For a Lincoln
Laugh For A Lincoln

3 acts of hilarious improv comedy for just $5. Yes, just 5 bucks! 

Who will be in the show?  One act during Laugh for a Lincoln will feature up to 8 Theatre 99 company members from the list on the right.


Wednesday, February 4

First Act:  Organized Chaos

Second Act:  Doppelgänger

Third Act:  Red Team


Wednesday, February 11

First Act:  Human Fireworks

Second Act:  Hot Pants

Third Act:  Red Team


Wednesday, February 18

First Act:  Little Miss Codependent

Second Act:  Moral Fixation

Third Act:  Red Team


Wednesday, February 25

First Act:  CLUTCH

Second Act:  Full Love Throttle

Third Act:  Red Team

Upcoming Shows

Wed, Jun 10 - $5.00
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Wed, Jun 17 - $5.00
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Wed, Jun 24 - $5.00
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Wed, Jul 1 - $5.00
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Wed, Jul 8 - $5.00
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Wed, Jul 15 - $5.00
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Wed, Jul 22 - $5.00
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Wed, Jul 29 - $5.00
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Wed, Aug 5 - $5.00
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Wed, Aug 12 - $5.00
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Wed, Aug 19 - $5.00
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Wed, Aug 26 - $5.00
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Featured Performers

Andy Adkins

David Appleton

Anne Bowen

Stephen Boynton

Shona Cait

Josh Christian

David Dabney

Kathleen Donnelly

Hunter Gardner

Dan Hanf

Mandy Harron

Tim Hoeckel

Micheal King

Michael Lacey

Stacey Lathem

Andy Livengood

Kristen May

David Myer

Andrew Rider

Tami Ross

Nathan Rufo

Maari Suorsa

Ali Sylvester

Mark Szlachetka

Angel Tolentino

Craig Trow

Chet Wagner

Laurens Wilson