Red Bastard
Red Bastard


Red Bastard is a Dangerous, Seductive Comedy-Monster! After 5-star reviews and sold out shows across North America Europe and Australia, America’s number one bouffon unleashes a pompous theatrical master class in this critically-acclaimed show, debuting at this year’s Edinburgh Festival at the Assembly’s Bosco Tent.


Experience this exquisite monstrosity as he delicately leads you through a no-holds-barred show demanding to know nothing less than the existential query, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Lines will be crossed and laughs will be had in this interactive feast of biting wit, mischievous improvisation, and physical prowess.


He is not man or woman; he is not human or animal. He has come to play with us, pretending that he is a teacher of the theater of life. Red Bastard spreads throughout the audience like a big red virus, daring us to impress him with beautiful movements and vocal exercises of our own. He demands that we be “bigger,” that we “go beyond.” He commands, “risk, and you are rewarded.” The audience finds itself changing seats, yelling, posing, singing—we are pulled into participating, and the consequences of not participating (“eek! he might touch me!”) feel delightfully dire.

Audiences should be prepared for anything to happen in this interactive show, in which Red Bastard engages the audience in master class of raw conversation, provocations, traps, rewards, and catch 22’s— encouraging risk and personal discovery.  

Red Bastard is the winner of three 2012 Hollywood Fringe Awards including Best in Theatre, Most Outrageous and the Footlights Commitment to Community Award.


“de-ranged and deadly funny…a must see”  ADELAIDE NOW


 “…Very Very Funny”   NEW YORK TIMES


"...Bizarrely hilarious...has to be seen to be believed....he cruelly assumes we love him and want to be like him, which by the end of his set turns out to be true – a cult favorite" 



“Any art that is worth existing tries to accomplish what this confrontational monster succeeds in doing. This volcanic tour de force forces people to reevaluate how they live their lives. ...this marvel is the single most courageous effort I’ve witnessed inside the walls of a theatre.”  LA THEATRE REVIEW