Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat: The Mixtape Vol. 1

Mystery Meat: The Mixtape Volume 1 is your new favorite show. It's your old favorite show. It's the show that fills your soul with joy before you see it. It's the show that seeps into your pores and stays with you after you experience it. White Smoke, the world's greatest DJ (Spotify user?) and hype man, gets your blood boiling with bombastic beats. Yeah, that's alliteration, holmes. BLKPAPA, the world's greatest rapper and showman, incites your intensity and ignites your inner ignorance. That's also alliteration. This hour-long hip-hop and sketch comedy marathon will change your life for the better. Plus, it's only $8. You know you got that.

Written and Produced by Jordan Scott Edwards

Produced and Directed by Joshua Christian