Laughter School Special: Kid’s Improv Storytelling (Five, 1-hour long classes, $99.00)
Dates: Wednesdays February 10 – March 10
Time: 4:00 PM
Cost: $99
Ages: 8-12 years old

This online class meets every Wednesday for 60 minutes. Kids will learn the basics of improv storytelling while participating in group games and exercises. Laughter School Special is unlike other online class, here kids get to play and explore their imagination. It doesn’t feel like virtual learning!

This class is tailored for ages 8-12. No experience necessary.

This is an ONLINE CLASS. The class takes place on Zoom, but you do not need a Zoom account. Parents will receive a Zoom invitation email before every class.

This class is “hands free” so use a laptop or desktop computer with a strong internet connection. Have your child in a distraction-free zone where they can move around.


First and Last Name


Instructor: Ali Sylvester

Ali’s life changed when she started taking Improv classes at Theatre 99. She joined the company in 2010 and can’t remember life before the stage. You can see Ali in shows like Improv Riot, Smackdown, The Funny Bucket, Not Your Mama and Daddy, Spoons and Organized Chaos.

Ali is a graduate of the Theatre 99 training program and has studied at The Annoyance in Chicago. She has a background in education and is proud to be an instructor at Theatre 99.

Class Schedule:

Wednesday, February 10 @ 4:00 PM
Wednesday, February 17  @ 4:00 PM
Wednesday, February 24  @ 4:00 PM
Wednesday, March 3 @ 4:00 PM
Wednesday, March 10 @ 4:00 PM
Ages 8-12