• Saturdays at 2:00 PM (Starts June 17)
  • 5 Class meetings
  • Max class size 12 students
  • Cost $100.00
Do you want to create improv scenes that focus on building rich, detailed worlds with dramatically compelling characters? In this class, we will explore the tools needed to create powerful scenes with our partner through discovery. Their priority will not be to go for every laugh, but rather to create scenes and characters that audiences will invest themselves in. Students can take this class as many times as they want. Notes will be tailored to each individual’s needs and progress.

Pre-req: Must have completed levels 3 or higher in Theatre 99’s Improv Training Program. 
Class Schedule: (all classes are held at Theatre 99, 280 Meeting Street)

Saturday, June 17 @ 2 pm (2 hour Class)
Saturday, June 24 @ 2 pm (2 hour Class)
Saturday, July 1 @ 2 pm (2 hour Class)
Saturday, July 8 @ 2 pm (2 hour Class)
Saturday, July 15 @ 2 pm (2 hour Class)


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Instructor: AndyAdkins

Andrew Adkins began taking improv classes at Theatre 99 in 2008 and became a company member in 2010.  He has performed in many groups including Clutch, Human Fireworks, Organized Chaos, and Likely Story. He has worked with improvisers from all over the country and completed the iO Training Program in Chicago in 2013.