November 2, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
Theatre 99, 280 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC
Late Night Snacks @ Theatre 99, 280 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC

Late Night Snacks is a tasty sketch comedy variety show served up monthly and hosted by Mystery Meat, the dynamic comedic duo of rapper BLKPAPA (Jordan Scott Edwards) and his trusty DJ White Smoke (Joshua Christian). The show welcomes invited improvisers, stand-up comedians, musicians, actors, and writers to perform new original material, from sketches and characters to improv and stand-up. No show is the same, but you’ll always be glad you came.

November’s lineup will feature material from Mystery Meat as well as invited guests: stand-up Vince Fabra and sketch group Vernon Moses join them on stage!


Vince Fabra is always trying to be on some type of stage. At Theatre 99, he improvises with groups like Meeting Street Maniacs and Thank You, Next! You can also catch Vince perform stand-up comedy in showcases all over Charleston. Lastly, Vince is a professional speaker, traveling to campuses and conferences around the country, sharing humor and dropping knowledge at each stop. For more info on Vince and all of those different stages, check out vincefabra.com.

Vernon Moses, in their own words, is: “A sketch show about a sketch show”… Wait hold on “It’s a sketch show about a sketch show using pop culture references and uh”… Ok wait let’s try this one more time “It’s a sketch show about a sketch show where pop culture references and inside jokes and the 4th wall are combined by Deshawn Mason and Jon Antoine” … You know what, forget it, “It’s black people stuff.”