Improv Riot

Sat - 8:00PM - $12.00

Come loaded with suggestions for the quick witted Theatre 99 ensemble members who will take your suggestions...and rock out hilarious unscripted scenes! Buy Tickets >>


Ruckus Room Stand-Up

Sat - 10:00PM - $8.00

Local comedians and longtimeĀ Theatre 99 company members Tim Hoeckel and Jessica Mickey like f*cking with their friends, so they decided to create a local stand-up comedy series where they can do just that. Buy Tickets >>


Industry Night Live!

Sun - 8:00PM - $12.00

A night for those who love and work in food and beverage (or just love food in general) to buy a ticket to see the Effinbradio podcast up-close! Buy Tickets >>

Issue #468 - August 27, 2016

Charleston Comedy Festival Stand Up Competition Prelim #2 registration

Registration for stand up comics opens Tuesday, September 6 at noon.

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