Rent Theatre 99

Theatre 99 private shows are available for your group!

“We had the Best time hanging out with the Theatre 99 crew! The show was tailored to our small group perfectly, and we loved that they had to take our suggestions 😀! So many laughs!”  – R. M.
Audience members MUST WEAR MASKS. When drinking, unhook mask from ear, take a drink and then hook mask back on ear. Our policy is not the same as restaurants in which patrons can take off masks the entire time they are seated. No mask. No show. Your adherence to this policy makes it possible for us to do the show.
• The improv show style of your choice (short form games, long form, clean or adult content, etc.)
• 60 minute performance
• Cost is $400 for up to 15 people and then $20 per additional person up to 30 max group size.
Example: 16 people = $420, 17 people = $440, etc.
• Available any day of the week and time
• Beer and wine available for cash only.
Please complete and submit the form to request your date and time.

Private Theatre Rental Request Form:

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