Special Class with Anna Lin: M&M = movement + musical! 
Cost: $85
Prerequisite: You must have completed Level 3 or higher in the Theatre 99 Improv Training Program

The goal of this class is to build and utilize a movement utility belt including movement of self, using movement to relay to others what your environment is, and conveying emotion through movement. We also will explore learning a structure to create improvised songs to music. We will also learn how to join the singers on stage with light choreography.

Movement and musicals! What could be more fun?

Saturday, April 13 @ 2 PM (2 Hours)
Saturday, April 20 @ 2 PM (2 Hours)
Saturday, April 27 @ 2 PM (2 Hours)

Anna Lin Bio:

From across the land, Anna joins Theatre 99 after graduating and performing with teams from Finest City Improv. Singing about her day half the time, you can feel her passion for Improv! One of the best things that ever happened to Anna was the first time she said “Yes and…” to improv and she has been supporting herself and her fellow improvisers ever since. She has traveled the world from Japan to Maldives performing on stage, and has a background in Dance, Acting, and Education. One of her favorite moments on stage was when she played a wobbly-kneed grandfather on a journey with his granddaughter, searching for the illustrious Pearl of Youth! Was it hilarious? Maybe. Was it fun to do? Absolutely!

Take a look in the audience and you’ll likely find her husband Ray, chuckling softly with his “dimple, no dimple” smile.


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