Saturday, January 18 @ Noon (2 Hours)

Character work is vital to storytelling. How characters behave, and why, gives context and flavor to the worlds we are building in our improv scenes. If you find yourself often playing yourself or you’re tired of your same wheelhouse of characters, join us for new discovery of characters through the exploration of physicality and emotion.

*Note*: This is a physical class. Please wear comfortable clothes, close toe shoes, and bring water. Looking forward to meeting you!


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Instructor: Whittney Millsap

Whittney has been a company member at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta since 2010. She is constantly creating new work as an actor and improviser. She is a member of the improv group Sweater Puppies and has performed and taught at improv festivals all over the country.



Class Schedule:

Saturday, January 18 @ Noon at Theatre 99, 280 Meeting Street