Since his drug-influenced conception after a Rolling Stones concert in 1989, Adam James Craig (called A.J. by those close to him) has been a ridiculous force of nature bringing joy to the world. His first performance was at the mere age of 3 screaming the song “Rhiannon” into a curtain to the delight of his peers. Even then it was understood that A.J., already wearing his iconic luscious long locks, was destined for greatness.

A.J. is a true jack-of-all-trades with experienced skills in acting, singing, musicianship, filming, directing, editing, writing, design, and more. He is most proud of his work on music videos and founding the band Know Good.

His latest pursuit has been improv comedy. After taking improv classes at Theatre 99 he was hooked for life. He has been involved with Theatre 99 since the Covid-19 pandemic as the “tech guru” for live streaming.

A.J. is proud to be a new company member of Theatre 99 and hopes nobody notices he copy-and-pasted this bio from his Tinder profile.