Celebrating 25 Years!

Saturday, August 15; 8 pm:
The Have Nots! 25th Birthday Show
Live Streaming From Theatre 99 on Facebook.

The Have Nots! Comedy Improv Company

The longest running show in Charleston!  With over 1,500 shows together, The Have Nots! (founders of Theatre 99) are ready for your audience suggestions.  No scripts!  All improv! Come see what all the talk is about!

Over the years they (Timmy Finch, Brandy Sullivan and Greg Tavares) have performed in over 80 different locations in the Charleston area including bars, churches, schools, hotel ball rooms, movie theaters and every once in a while a real theatre (the Garden, the Midtown, Emmett Robinson and Theatre 99).  They were also fixtures in the college market, performing at over 225 colleges in 26 states.

The Have Nots! have produced during or as a part of Piccolo Spoleto since 1995 and started Piccolo Fringe at Theatre 99 in 2001 when they opened Theatre 99 at 30 Cumberland Street.  They also founded the Charleston Comedy Festival in 2004 and are now partnered with The Charleston City Paper in what has become a 4 day city-wide festival in January.

In August 2005 they opened the new Theatre 99 at 280 Meeting Street (above The Bicycle Shoppe)

The Have Nots! and Theatre 99 have been honored over the past decade as The Best Local Theatre Company and Best Non-Spoleto Play or Performance.  The late Critic Robert Jones proclaimed, “May the Have Nots! live forever.”

Featured Performers

Timmy Finch, Brandy Sullivan, Greg Tavares